Hip Hop

Ages: 6 years and up

A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers.  Hip Hop encompasses movement that has elements of breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.  Hip Hop is urban, it’s street, it’s diverse and forever changing.

Old School Hip Hop originated in the 70's in New York and was danced to funk and old school Hip Hop music.  In the 80's, Hip Hop evolved to also include popping & locking. These three elements are the basis of old school Hip Hop.

New School Hip Hop evolved in the 90's to be a style of dance that was slower, heavier and more aggressive. This modern style of Hip Hop was still inspired by break dancing but included more upright dancing instead of floor movements. New School Hip Hop includes a variety of styles such as; krump, Harlem shake, funk, c-walk etc.

Hip Hop was a great way for children, teens and adults to express themselves and get a great workout!